The Reunion in a Snapshot-
The Harris Family
"Unforgettable in So Many Ways"

"Divided by distance,
bonded by love"
It finally happened!  After planning for one year, the Harris family joined
hands together in unforgettable experiences in New Orleans, LA on June 26-
29, 2008. There were new faces, old faces, family members that never met,
laughter and screams as each embraced knowing that they were among
family, and happy to be a Harris.

You should have been there as the excitement and anticipation grew on
Thursday and Friday evenings. The family took over the registration area of the
Sheraton Hotel with jubilation as they saw family from Louisiana, Texas,
Tennessee, California, Georgia, Florida, Indianapolis, Illinois, North Carolina,
Colorado, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

You should have been there on Thursday evening, when we just got to know
each other, playing games, singing our theme song, giving away gifts, eating,
and of course taking pictures.  The children were not left out.  They were
involved throughout the weekend.  Parents, please look at the craft reunion
book that was made by Suzie Brown for children under 12 years old.  The
photo of each child was placed in the book. We want them to contact and keep
in touch with the other children in their personal book. We also hope that the
adults are enjoying their reunion book.

You should have been there to see the Back in the Day or the Remember
When… table that depicted items from the 1930s – 1950s. The old fashioned
stove, the toys we played with as children, even we had real candy that we ate
back in the day.

You should have been there for the free day on Friday or where some of us
went on a tour of New Orleans. The three hour tour was excellent.  Those who
attended said that they learned so much, even things they weren't aware of
while growing up in New Orleans.

You should have been there Friday evening where we remembered our
loved ones with an impressive memorial service where each family presented
a rose in honor of their deceased family member and placed the rose in a
vase creating a lovely bouquet.

You should have been there for our old time Vespers reminding us of the
Vespers we had growing up. We sang from our own Harris Reunion Song
Book, presented favorite scriptures, gave away two sets of the Conflict of the
Ages series, and a Family Bible, where every family member signed their
name. Our special thought was given by our own Robert Lister.
You should have been there at the Ephesus S.D.A. Church for Sabbath
School where the Harris family presented the program, the Divine Worship
service, where our own Joseph McCoy spoke, and the Harris Family
presented the music for the service.  Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious dinner
at the church.

You should have been there on Saturday night for the grand finale!  The
children were presented in the Red Carpet Fashion Show, and did they shine.  
Wearing our T Shirts, mingling with family, playing games, singing, presenting
the Harris history through a skit, and just having great fun was all a part of our
final time together. We knew that everything would soon be over.  But wait, two
of the oldest family members were honored:  Aunt Emily now 92, and Lucy
Lofton Crockett, now 80. What a joy to have them present with us. We ended
with a grand march and singing Side by Side.

If you weren’t there, ask someone who was and they will certainly give you
more information.  We hope you will plan now to attend the next Harris reunion.

                                                           by Vivian Brown